Counselling Services


I provide one-on-one counselling services to individuals who present a variety of issues, including anxiety (incl. anxiety disorders and panic attacks), anger, experience of abuse and trauma, bereavement and loss, depression, low self-esteem, bullying, relationship problems in work and at home, stress, issues with sexuality, suicidal thoughts and self-harming. I incorporate a variety of techniques, adopting a tailored approach to each individual. Counselling theories include Person-Centred Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Theory (CBT), Gestalt Therapy and Attachment theory.

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Children & Adolescents

“In play therapy, toys are like the child’s world and play is the child’s language” Garry Landreth.

Children can struggle to find the words to how they’re feeling. Play is a form of expression that is developmentally appropriate, allowing them to express themselves in a friendly, non-judgemental and safe environment. Through the use of puppets, story-telling, art, sand tray and therapeutic games they can begin to understand what’s troubling them, resolve their issues, develop emotional intelligence and resilience and begin to heal.

Adolescence is a challenging time with many issues facing them including peer pressure, problems in school, self-esteem and body image, cyber addiction and bullying, stress, depression, sexuality. Often adolescents (12-18yrs) do not want to talk to their parents for fear they will get in trouble or worry them. I offer a safe, therapeutic non-judgemental space for whatever their issues are to be explored.

Parent Work

In some cases, it may be beneficial to work with parents alongside individual child/adolescent work. Parenting children and teenagers is tough work. Especially if your child has a conduct disorder or mental health issues. We can get stuck in negative patterns of relating with each other. Together we will explore the dynamics between you and your child/children and uncover ways to empower you to restore a healthy, positive relationship.